Brisbane Snake Removal Services

Brisbane North: 0409 675 522

Brisbane West and Ipswich: 0413 028 081

Brisbane South and Logan 0421 455 077

Redlands and Bayside: 0421 455 077


Snake Catcher Brisbane

Providing reliable, safety considerate snake management outcomes to the Greater Brisbane and Ipswich regions. Brisbane Snake Removal Services refers a number of local Brisbane snake catchers to assist with any situation 24 hrs 7 days a week. With on call snake catchers Brisbane and Ipswich based, our focus is the effective ecological management of potentially dangerous situations regarding snake encounters within suburban backyards, business premises, schools and other institutions.

Having serviced Brisbane and Ipswich relocating protected fauna for the past 20 years Brisbane Snake Removal Services is part of a network of handlers working together to provide the most efficient response to your scaly encounter. Click here for your local Brisbane snake catcher

In many circumstances an identification of a recently sighted snake is sought. A comprehensive snake identification gallery and further information is given for all snakes in the South-east region at Identification and Infomation If you fail to identify your snake then send a digital image of the animal to the email address provided at the top of the Snake ID page. This also provides Australian snake identification to areas outside of the Brisbane and Ipswich areas.


Snake Removal Services

Snake Removal Services has been involved with venomous snakes for decades, as demonstrated by a recent article in Scales and Tails Magazine (click here to view article) and the newly released memoirs of a prominent Herpetologist Neville Burns "A Gift From the Snake that Bit Him" "Adventures of an Australian Reptile Man". (click here to preview front & back cover). N.B. This Book is not available in stores. To purchase a copy of this book which retails for $40 plus postage please phone 0409 675 522 to place an order.

Given that Brisbane is home to some of the worlds deadliest snakes, it would seem in a person’s best interest to engage a Brisbane Snake Catcher with a proven history of Actually Keeping Venomous Snakes, as against someone with little more than a pet python and a two day basic introductory course on reptiles.

Please note that before engaging a snake catcher you should enquire as to the current status of their Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) approved license to conduct snake catching activities. Additionally insurances are required by snake catchers to remove your liability in case of an accident or property damage.

Commonly encountered Brisbane snakes
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